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Monday, June 25, 2012

Defuq #1

So recently there's so many status post on facebook like these:-

a. I just broke up and I have learnt so many things. This is a letter for my future husband (post with picture)
b. This is a song for me and my future husband. Aww so sweet
c. Oh future husband where are you.. please take me away from my life now

It's not like I have problem with people like these but BOOM! after a few days the girl A is back with her fag boyfriend and repeat the same damn thing. I don't really get these kind of people, is this something to be proud of? Seriously? Future husband? So your logic is find some song or probably a picture you like and BOOM! this is for my hubby/dear/baby or for those who's ass is still single, this is for my friggin future husband?