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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Awesome


The most awesome day so far in my life. We went to Air Terjung Chemerong in Terengganu. At first I felt a bit wavered to go there, but thank god I stick to the plans and went there with my classmates. It was awesummmm. Strike that, it is the most awesomest decision I ever made. It's cheap, it's fun damn why do I even hesitate to go. Fuck you past Imtiaz that hesitate. We rent 2 vans and a car. 23 of us went there and not all of us are from UiTM. There's Mek Di's fiancee. and dude, I'm GLAD that you join us Abang Faris(yeah he's older then us). 

The Bad Boys Team

We went there with 2 vans and a car but I don't have the picture for the Pink Team(White Van) and the Reliable Team(Blue Gen-2). 

Upon Arrival

Chow Time~

The food was frigging epiiic~~ Most of them were sponsored by Mek Di and Kak Long's family. Thanks guys :D Oh and three cheers for Abang Faris! Damn he worked really hard =.= While most of us bustle ourselves he and Mek Di worked really hard =.= Sorry guys, and thanks 

Seriously, this is the best time of my life. The only thing that spoiled it is because not many of us know how to swim. But it's ok, I guess not everyone knows how to swim. I just hope that the next time we'll make a trip that relates to water activities like this one, EVERYONE will already know how to swim. 

Farewell Chemerong!

P/S: Yob, tak cool langsung ko tiru bal. Cukupla 1 sakai dalam klas =.= 
P/S/S: Ustat nampak sangat gelak fake dalam gambar tu =.=
P/S/S/S:Asal aku nampak cam gelak malas dalam gambar tu -,-