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Saturday, April 27, 2013

People you noticed when you always go karaoke.

Hey there, it's been a while since I post anything. I really wanted to keep updating my post but it's just impossible. So I thought I'll just post when I feel it. So I've been to karaoke for a couple of times now. Scratch that, karaoke is like one of my life routine now. Well not daily, maybe weekly but definitely monthly.
When you do something often, you will notice how people around you react. So here, I listed a few types of person that I noticed in a karaoke center.

i. The this-song-is-my-jam guy.
This person can be annoying sometimes. He will directly take the mic and sing any song that he knows. KNOWS. It's not even he's jam song. Sometime they will dance in a very disturbing way to show that the song is really his jam song. Mind that he does not care how bad he sings in any of those "jam" song. Like people calling him "gila-gila" kind of person, but this guy is kind of a must-bring to any party because you need pinhead like this to get a party mood go on.

ii.The if-you-can-keep-it-then-do-it guy.
This species really hate sharing songs. They have confidence with their voice and they like people to hear it. These rare kinds choose songs that the others in the group cant sing. Their choice of songs are mostly really high songs. However, he respects anyone that can sing better then him.

iii.The just-through-a-break-up guy.
These poor bastards come just to scream all they want. They'll just choose any random song that they know, mostly high pitch songs, and scream all they want. Some of them will choose songs related to his broken relationship and cries. Poor bastards..

iv. The underground guy.
Will choose songs hidden deep under the ground that no one on the group has heard before.  After the song ends he will suddenly explain to everyone about the origin of the band.

v.The whatever guy.
The kind of guy that okay with everything. You want do what to him? can. You want follow, dont want follow also can. Literally okay with everything. Most of these types are dragged in to make the group bigger.

vi. The shy guy.
Will not sing at any circumstances. Mostly forced to come.

vii. The ultimate dukes of douchery.
These assholes can be identified easily. They like to:-
a.Scream whenever they hold the mic
b.One of the mic in the room is always on their hand
c.Will only let go of the mic when someone ask from them
d.Doesn't care about his voice at all.
e.Only purpose of coming is to scream and annoy people

And that concludes list of people's behaviour at the karaoke center. Till next time then

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